Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Mid Youth Tattoo

A free radical. That is how i describe being a youth. I wish i was peter pan, the boy that never grew old, but no one is. 
I believe you grow 'up' (for want of a better word than old) when you are 40. However, i know when im 40 i will be eating my own words saying 40 is the new 20. To me, youth is something that i never want to part with. I plan to be youthful the rest of my life. However mind and body are two separate things, and i want to keep a symbol of my real youth. Young, silly and playful; a symbol to keep is a tattoo. 
Comparable to a mid-life crisis; enjoy looking at these mid-youth tattoos. 

 Abeey Lee
 Erin Wasson
 Freja Beha "this too shall pass"
 Nicole Trunfio
 Gracie Carvalho
 Iconic: kate Moss

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  1. i love this posting! i favorite erin wasson's and abbey lee's. do you have one? are you getting one?