Tuesday, September 28, 2010

They Turned Modeling into a Circus

Australia's Next Top Model..  Congratulations, you did it. You successfully turned what was a classy group of potentially 5 top models into a circus. In my humble opinion, the show made three horrible mistakes, one of which im sure you can all guess.

To being with, I was left disappointed with the result from last weeks show. The decision to host a LIVE final three in which the public would be voting on a winner made me cringe. My exact thoughts were how can the experts in the modeling world take a girl from ANTM seriously if the general public, whom appeal to the 'catalogue' look, are the ones deciding?

Then came the next mistake: the production of the finale. You may disagree with me, but i fell in love with this show because it made what were amateurs girls, into potential international high-fashion models. The finale did the opposite, and brought it all back down to amateur stage.  The point of the show was to see these girls do what they do best, model. But how can they look like models when they are on what looks like the Australian Idol stage, with an audience full of people cheering and screaming? Could you imagine a Chanel or Paris runway show staging a production like that? To me, the way it was done was tacky and unprofessional. The exact opposite of how the judges seemed to want the girls portrayed in the real modeling world.

Finally, there was the gigantic mistake. Congratulations kelsey, no wait.. Amanda. Although the public got it right in having Amanda and Kelsey in the top two, the final decision should of always been left to the judges, period.

I will continue watching the show, it is my guilty pleasure, I just pray next year they get it right. There is no need for a finale like that, and there is certainly no need for a final three in which the public get a vote. The winner was the right winner in the end. Amanda certainly has the potential, however, Kelsey would of been a diligent winner; she has it all, minus the inches. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. In prediction: Amanda New York, Kelsey the face of brands in catalogues, and Sophie... well she may have a bobble head created after her when she gets her hair extensions put back in.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do you have 5 minutes to spare? It is a "Fashionista's Fantasy"

Can you all give me an A for Alexa Chung! 

The current "it girl" changes the statement "a natural talent" to "a natural fashion". There is no denying that she is the girl that has it all. Forging an International career based on fashion by hosting various shows such as "Its on with Alexa Chung" and "Frock Me", she is the girl that we can all relate to. I mean, how can you not relate to her charisma when she says things like "i fear sexy" and my style is "somewhere between a child and a granmda.. you know I look like a child who wears her grandma's wadrobe"? 

Not only can we be jealous of her humble ways and her effortlessly cool style, she seems to have it down pact in the romance sector, dating none other than Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys - she has even admitting to sharing clothes with him. A boyfriend in the Arctic Monkeys that you can share clothes with? thats something.

Moving along; I thought there could be nothing better than looking at photos of this style icon, however there is. Her talent truly lies behind the moving camera, and i now bring to you a "Fashionista's Fantasy" - Alexa Chung interviewing Karl Lagerfeld just a day before he show cases his Autumn Winter '08 show.

There is nothing more to say other than enjoy!
Becca. xxx


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Dating back a few months now, Alice McCall posted her Spring / Summer collections on her website. The women is that talented she posted two collections, the first drop (photos below) called 'The Gilded Garden', and the second drop (photos above) called 'The Accordion Girls'. Her collections left me to stand true to the following equation: Christmas in July = Viewing the new Alice McCall collections.

For years, Alice McCall has been a favorite designer of mine. She knows how to create one-of-a-kind pieces that morph into the new season trends, yet her collections still remain effortlessly timeless. On ebay, a dress from her spring/ summer drop in '08 is still retailing at $200. Not many designers i know can add that to their resume. 

There is no doubt that Alice will be continuing her beautiful, fun, flirtatious and intricate designs into future collections, and that i cannot wait for. However, for now we can all lust over her latest collections, and i can lust for the white sleeveless floaty top, pictured top left, to be released into stores so i can treat myself to an early christmas present (or two).

Becca. xxx

If you wannabe

Unlike the spice girls national anthem, i do not want to be another 'wannabe' blogger in the ever growing trend of blogging. 

Everyday i find myself bursting to sit on a computer and browse the internet for fashion; either it be ebay pre-loved items, topshop trends and accessories, or the fabulous vogue and in-style fashion haute couture websites. At the end of my obsessive fixes, i want to tell everyone around me what i have seen, what has inspired me. Unfortunately at this point in the day, this poor soul is generally my boyfriend or my Dad who has to listen to me rant and rave about the latest Sonia Rykiel spring fashion show i have just seen on the vogue website or the amazing Alice Mccall dress i need to buy from mycatwalk (and as i continually tell my dad i have no money for petrol - telling him i am going to buy clothes generally leads to a 'life and its priorities' lecture, which i really could spare with). Therefore, I have decided to keep a blog so that no more poor souls around me have to hear me rave on about things that they really don't share the same enthusiasm and interest in.

If you enjoy fashion and vintage photography, i hope you enjoy reading this as much as i know i will enjoy blogging.

Becca. xxx