Saturday, November 27, 2010

Can we swap wadrobes

Olivia Palermo. Socialite. Mistaken bitch. Pure fashion genius. Can we be friends?
Growing up on the upper-east side of New York, attending prestigious New york colleges, having a father whom is one of the most successful property developers around - its no wonder people get a bit jealous. 
Most of you would recognise this girl from the reality show "The City", where as she should be known as the girl who actually has one of the best wardrobes in this hemisphere. She's the girl that is the designers best friend, attends fashion week sitting only in the front row, is the face of and the girl that would date none other than model Johannes Huebl.
If you look at her and dont want to swap wadrobes, you only lie. If she said i could only have one item.. it would be those leather pants.