Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lily Aldridge

Its almost becoming a Christmas tradition, every December, of the past few years, the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show hits our television screens, and leaves us feeling like we shouldn't of eaten more of Grandma's pre-Christmas cookies. When watching the show, its like an oxymoron of emotions that capitulates inside of you - on the one hand you are in complete total awe of how truly beautiful and amazing these girls gracing your screen are; and then on the other you just wish they had one fault that would wipe the smile off their faces.. maybe just a tiny trip on the run way to know that are actually some form of human? 
All bitterness aside, I am a sucker for the show. I even started liking Katy Perry's 'firework' song as it appeared in context (NB: this pop phase only lasted after 5 listening)
 For me, there is one girl that i think is truly amazing, inside and out. She is the 'rock girl' of the group; Lily Aldridge. She is the girl that is always one to be found going to live music gigs throughout New York, is newly engaged to front man of Kings of Leon - Caleb Followill, and has attached to her persona a carefree and charmingly fun attitude. Its because she is not your 'typical' 'pink loving' angel, that she is my favourite VS. model. 
Oh and did i mention probably the most naturally beautiful girl around? I think the pictures below speak for themselves.

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