Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do you have 5 minutes to spare? It is a "Fashionista's Fantasy"

Can you all give me an A for Alexa Chung! 

The current "it girl" changes the statement "a natural talent" to "a natural fashion". There is no denying that she is the girl that has it all. Forging an International career based on fashion by hosting various shows such as "Its on with Alexa Chung" and "Frock Me", she is the girl that we can all relate to. I mean, how can you not relate to her charisma when she says things like "i fear sexy" and my style is "somewhere between a child and a granmda.. you know I look like a child who wears her grandma's wadrobe"? 

Not only can we be jealous of her humble ways and her effortlessly cool style, she seems to have it down pact in the romance sector, dating none other than Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys - she has even admitting to sharing clothes with him. A boyfriend in the Arctic Monkeys that you can share clothes with? thats something.

Moving along; I thought there could be nothing better than looking at photos of this style icon, however there is. Her talent truly lies behind the moving camera, and i now bring to you a "Fashionista's Fantasy" - Alexa Chung interviewing Karl Lagerfeld just a day before he show cases his Autumn Winter '08 show.

There is nothing more to say other than enjoy!
Becca. xxx

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